Daiichi Kensetsu Kiko is a Japanese construction company possessing Self Elevating Platform (SEP).

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Daiichi Kensetsu Kiko is a Japanese construction company possessing Self Elevating Platform (SEP).  Founded in 1918, our company has a long history of nearly 100 years. We have owned SEPs for about 30 years, always being committed to developing high-performance SEP by making the most of accumulated know-how, and the active research.

We offer two types of SEP:
・Offshorecapable to perform jacking and pre-loading operations at maximum wave height of 2.0 m, loading capacity of 1,050 t, rapid platform elevation, multi-purpose,
・Standardadaptable to variety of construction purposes, easy operation.
We undertake all types of construction works and projects from foundation pile driving to installation of offshore wind turbines (OWT) using SEP.




Self elevating platform


Kuroshio has a robust hull enduring highwave and flow force, and is equipped with high-performance jack-up system for offshore operation.
In addition to its high-performance and capability as SEP for general purpose, rapid lifting is possible with loading large crane (e.g. 800 t lifting capacity). This SEP is perfectly suitable for the installation of offshore wind turbines (OWT).
The use of upending and guidance system enables speedy monopiling.

Safe, efficient, and proper operation is required in diversified construction works, especially port and offshore construction under the severe environmental conditions such as weather, sea, and terrestrial phenomenon. 
Standard SEP fulfills the needs and brings various works in action. The casing rotator frame and pile driving rig can be mounted on. 

SEP Mutsu and SEP Aso can be utilized as a support barge working with SEP Kuroshio during the construction of offshore wind farm.






Jacking system

MSC hydraulic positive engagement pin system

Pad and Ringbar

Pad and Ringbar


NK  Self Elevating Unit

JG  Self Elevating Unit

NK  Self Elevating Unit

Main dimensions


48.0 metre

35.0 metre

34.0 metre


25.0 metre

22.0 metre

20.0 metre


4.2 metre

3.2 metre

3.0 metre

Draft Max.

2.6 metre

1.6 metre

2.6 metre

Leg length

50 metre

40 metre

38 metre

Leg diam.

2.1 metre

1.2 metre

1.2 metre

Jacking system

Jacking speed

0.4 metre/min

0.1 metre/min

0.1 metre/min

Jacking stroke

1.34 metre

0.82 metre

0.82 metre

Max. pay load

1,050 ton

450 ton

400 ton

Mooring system


4 X 400 metre (10 tons line pull)

4 X 300 metre (5 tons line pull)

4 X 300 metre (5 tons line pull)


4 X stockless anchor 3.1 tons

4 X stockless anchor 2.1 tons

4 X stockless anchor 2.1 tons

Operating conditions

Max. water depth

32 metre

27 metre

25 metre

Wave height/period

2.0 metre/10.0 to 14.0 sec.

1.2 metre/10.0 sec.

1.2 metre/10.0 sec.

Wind speed

36 metre/sec

25.8 metre/sec

15 metre/sec

Survival conditions

Max wave

10.5 metre/14.5 sec (air gap 13.5 m.)

9.1 metre/12.5 sec (air gap 9 m.)

5.0 metre/7.0 sec (air gap5.5 m.)

Wind speed

51.5 metre/sec.

51.5 metre/sec.

36.0 metre/sec.